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UNCANNY X-MEN #522 – Kitty Pryde Returns

Kitty Pryde Comes Home in Uncanny X-Men 522

Kitty Pryde Comes Home in Uncanny X-Men 522

I’m wondering if Kitty return is going to have anything to do with Lockheed, Agent Brand, and Beast in S.W.O.R.D. It makes sense because those three characters were involved in her Lost in Space reenactment.  I guess I am more concerned about how Kitty will fit into the X-Universe when Colossus is pretty much a background character and her title as the X-Tween has been officially given to Pixie.

Fraction better not fuck this one up like he did with Psylocke – worst comic book return ever.

2 Responses

  1. Nothing could be as bad as Psylocke’s return. Not even Fraction could top that, I hope. Though, I’d prefer that SWORD handle the story since they set it up in Issue 1. And yeah, I also wonder what she’ll do in the X-men when she returns. Astonishing is full and Uncanny is cameo city. Maybe she can eat cereal in a background while rocking an “O” mouth?

    • Seriously! I just don’t think he’ll do much with her and it’s an ashame. I wish the three books had teams that did stuff like X-Force not spin their wheels every issue.

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