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The Authority #18: New Lineup and Direction

The Authority #18 – New Team, New Direction

The Authority (New Lineup

The Authority - New Lineup and Direction

AfghanAnt’s Thoughts: If you ask me the Authority is Jenny, Apollo, and Midnighter. From the beginning those three characters have been pivotal to the plots and direction of the book. Hell because of Apollo and Midnighter was often referred to as the gay JLA or even just the gay comic book. So to exclude them from this new lineup seems to be a huge “miss” on DC/Wildstorm part.

I love Swift, Jack Hawksmoor (he is my personal favorite of the team), and the Engineer (she bores me to tears) but why put Deathblow, Freefall and The High on the team? This comics seems more like a new Stormwatch team than the Authority. Seriously what is Grifter or Deathblow’s power level or contribution to an universal threat level. Don’t get me started on all these silly costume changes (Freefall went from this 90’s pixie girl to some retro 50’s pinup?).  Urgh this reeks of cancellation…

Cover to the Authority #18

Cover to the Authority #18

The Authority #18

Written by Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman; Art by Al Barrionuevo; Cover by George Pérez

A new chapter in The Authority begins as a bolt from the deepest reaches of space gives the Carrier a new lease on life. Now the heroes of the WildStorm Universe must decide whether they should abandon the seemingly hopeless Earth or stay behind and fight for its survival.

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  1. Yeah, i never liked “guy with gun” verses anything above military thug. I mean, Punisher vs Silver Surfer is not a match. Even when Batman managed to outrun and block a omega beam from Darkseid was way too much for me. Sometimes i wonder if comic writers have a sense of scale to these things.

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