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2010 Wish: Nubia for Wonder Woman

Nubia - The Black Wonder Woman

Nubia - The Black Wonder Woman

Nubia: Wonder Woman’s Black Sistah
Formed from clay as a twin to Diana (Wonder Woman), the dark skinned Nubia was kidnapped by Mars, who raised her, controlling her mind so that she would help him bring down the Amazons.

After a session in the Amazon Memory banks, Diana is confronted by an armored female warrior who challenges her to single combat. The two initially wrestle, then face each other with swords. Diana and the intruder seem evenly matched until the intruder knocks the sword from Diana’s hands, and then hesitates to kill her, giving Diana the chance to wrestle her to a draw.

The stranger declares “I am Nubia!”, then she and Diana embrace. Queen Hippolyta wonders if this was indeed the same Nubia who was to be raised as Diana’s sister.

AfghanAnt’s Thoughts: After reading this amazingly insightful Wonder of Wonders article at CBR, I gave reminiscing about a character I had met in a dusty ol’ comicbook shop in Montclair, NJ – Nubia. At the time I didn’t understand how offensive she really was but to me she was the closest thing to having a Black Wonder Woman. Why was that so important to me at 10? I’m not sure but it was and I never forgot her after our brief encounter.

Even to this day I wonder why she isn’t used as much by comic writers. She had everything a good female character needed – determination, a cause, and more importantly superpowers. I really don’t know where I was going with this post other than to express some childhood love for an obscure character but I’d really like it if Nubia was featured in Wonder Woman (wearing that amazing 70’s armor of course). Maybe it will happen in the new year but more than likely it wont. It’s hard being black and woman even if you’ve super strength and a sword.

If Obama can be Superman than Michele can play Wonder Woman

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