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Amazing Spider-Man 2010: Year of the Spider

Amazing Spider-Man 2010

Amazing Spider-Man 2010

On Monday Marvel released what’s sure to be the first of multi-part tease regarding the Spider-Man family in 2010, with the brief copy, “The Year of Spider-Man Is 2010.

AfghanAnt’s Take: I think this will either be great for the once tolerable Spider-man franchise. Since Brand New Day and the erasing of basically 10 years of relationship history between characters, Spider-man has been plague by B-list villains, malf-conceived new characters (Jackpot more like Crackpot AMIRITE?), and a big middle finger to Peter/MJ shippers. I hope the Joe Q takes two parts Ultimate Spider-Man for every one part of 616 Spidey because short of a total reboot, Spider-Man is a stinker.

Source: Newsarama

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