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Blackest Night #6 Leaked Spoilers

Blackest Night #6 Leaked Spoilers

Blackest Night #6 Planeteers

Blackest Night #6 Planeteers

By Your Powers Combined…


blackest Night #6 Leaked Final Page

Blackest Night #6 Leaked Details:

Nekron is still after the resurrected heroes and all hell is break loose and all, ALL THE BLACK LANTERNS are headed towards Earth.
Ganthet become a member of the Green Lantern Corps.  Ganthet tells the Lanterns that the rings are based on Oan technology and decides they need more soldiers so he deputizes people that lasts 24 hrs.
  • Barry Allen becomes a Blue Lantern which represents Hope
  • Lex Luthor’s ¬†Avarice makes him into an Orange Lantern (I’m not sure why Larfleeze would share though)
  • Scarecrow’s ability to induce Fear automatically makes him a Sinestro Corps
  • Ray Palmer has always been more compassionate than some of his allies so he becomes an Indigo Tribalist
  • What is it with underwater folks, that are always associated with Rage, so Mera becomes a blood spitting Red Lantern.
  • One of Wonder Woman’s gifts from the God was love of Aphrodite so she becomes a Star Sapphire
  • Ganthet the Guardian of the Universe becomes a Green Lantern as noted above

I don’t usually do this but it is Christmas:

Download Blackest Night #6

2 Responses

  1. Wonder Woman actually didn’t get fucked up this time! Good to see no Black Lanterns. I guess the lack of Gail Simone is a plus. Johns should be writing her series and get off the Poke-Lantern bandwagon! GOTTA CATCH EM ALL

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