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Precious – A Movie Review

Precious – A Movie Review

But You're Like Really "Precious"

"Precious." I boosted this from @Biglilkim (love ya girl)

Based on a novel by African American writer, Sapphire, Precious is the story of an obese (she is verging on being notoriously B.I.G.), illiterate (Fantastia could probably help her out with that) sixteen year black girl from Harlem (NEW YORK STAND UP!). It was originally going to be called “Push” but that really bad psychic movie came out starring Chris Evan first (don’t act like you didn’t see that shitty movie because you know you did. Just wanting to see him without his shirt off. Oh wait, that was me…)

Anyway, from the jump the viewer can tell this girl is gonna have issues. But they do not compare to what you are faced with – she has been sperminated by her father twice (Do you call Jerry or Maury about that?) and her mother, played by the lusciously large Mo’Nique,  mentally and physically beats the shit out of her (girl got her ass whooped, ya’ll hear me) and bitch crazy.  That right, Precious is fucking Katt Williams on crack crazy.  But who would be “I’ve been raped repeatedly and I need to escape to a world where I’m Hiliary Duff” crazy if you had her life. I got cousins from Elizabeth, NJ who crazier than her and they ain’t got an excuse other than they 4th generation Welfare family (not that there is anything wrong with that!).  Needless to say, this movie broke my heart and during many parts of it I actually started tearing up (yup, a nigga was pulling a Justin Timberlake).

I think it got to me because to a much lesser extent I (and I think many black urban youths) can relate to Precious’ struggle. I know this is going to sound like some low self-esteem bullshit (which I clearly do not subscribe too. No ma’am to pity parties), but I’d be lying if I didn’t say there were times when I fantasized about being rich, famous, and unfortunately white because of my socio-economic upbringing.  For me this movies made me Spider-man in an issue of  “What If (the nerds’ll get it).

What if by some twist of fate, I was in this position. It’s not like I don’t know people who aren’t in just as bad situation (trust me, a nigga knows some fucked up folks) but watching this movie made me put myself in her shoes (and a Tyra Bank’s fat suit for full effect). I had to deal with what I was watching and when a movie does this to you, you know that shit’s good (Brokeback Mountain did that same thing for me. I got hard as termites’ teeth during this sex scenes).

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t fault Precious at all for her fantasizing. It was as rough as a stubbly asshole (you can get dick burn from that shit) and to survive Mo’nique grilling her (she should be like that on her talkshow!), having her daddy fuck her (damn dad, there aren’t any girls in NYC that will let you hit it), and having HIV (that’s a package once you sign for, it’s with you for life) her brain had to make some shit up to deal. To me that was the greatest aspect of this movie – the surviving.

I’m always bitching about why shrimp gotta cost 7.99 a lb and why can’t the large bottle of Nuvo fit into my purse when I’m trying to boost it, but this bitch had real problems. The fucked up thing is, this story is completely believable. Shit, fucking Oprah practically went through the same thing growing up but look at her now. Not only is Ms Winfrey running the talkshow game, she got so much dough she is giving every motherfucker that comes into her show thousands of dollars of shit. Wait…why am I about to go on a “Oprah is God” tangent (nigga stay focused and get back to this fucking movie).

I thought the casting was amazing. Gabourey Sidibe portrayal of Precious was haunting for me. And Mo’Nique actually made fear for my own well-being the way she attacked the Gabby. Even Mariah Carey delivered a stellar performance (which was shocking considering how incredibly terrible Glitter was but I still saw it like 100 times. Love ya Mariah).

All and all, this movie was the best I’ve seen this year and I think Lee Daniels and Sapphire (and lesser extent Geoff Fletcher) should be incredibly proud of what they produced.

9 out of 10 stars easy.

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