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DC Comics: Milestone Forever

Milestone Forever

DC Comics Milestone Forever

McDuffie will team with John Paul Leon, Mark Bright, Chris Cross and Denys Cowan to wrap up the stories from Hardware, Icon, Shadow Cabinet, Blood Syndicate and Static. I figured we were well past ever seeing these characters again in their original environment, so this is welcome news, even if it is “a bittersweet tale that chronicles the literal end of a universe.”

What is Milestone Comics?

Milestone Comics was DC Comics answer to multiple cries of everyone one on DC Earth being white or black folks with “Black” in their name. Here’s what Wiki says:

Milestone Media is a company best known for creating the Milestone comics imprint (that was published through DC Comics) and the Static Shock cartoon series. It was founded in 1993 by a coalition of African-American artists and writers (namely Dwayne McDuffie, Denys Cowan, Michael Davis and Derek T. Dingle) who believed that minorities were severely underrepresented in American comics. Milestone Media was their attempt to correct this imbalance.
Christopher Priest participated in the early planning stages of Milestone Media, and was originally slated to become the editor-in-chief of the new company, but bowed out for personal reasons before any of Milestone’s titles were published.

Who Dat?

The major heroes of this world were Icon (black slave Superman – I’m not kidding he was like a black slave who became a “Superman”) and his sidekick Rocket (pregnant black teen who had inertia powers because of a black slave Superman’s alien belt) , the ever popular Static (I loved his hard Static was but that damn cartoon ruined him for me forever), and the lesser known Hardware ( I have no clue who this nigga is but I guess a black Iron Man).

Oh if you didn’t believe me about DC Comics being sort of racist or ignorant with black characters and readers, check out this DC comics questionnaire for the 70’s!

DC Comics, reall? Black People?

I’m offended that “Black People” were below Pollution but I have to give them props – it only took them 25 years to printing Milestone Comics but they still refuse to give Black Lighting, Black Racer, Black Manta, and Black Bomber, Black Vulcan, and my favorite Black Cyborg. Oh wait he wasn’t called “Black Cyborg” he was just black.

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