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Marvel Comics Event: The Siege

The Siege #1 Variant Cover

SIEGE #1 Variant Cover

The good folks over at Marvel.com has released the variant cover for their newest event, Siege.
From what I can tell it’s Captain American and Iron Man suiting up. I wonder why Thor didn’t make it into this beautiful rendered image by Simone Bianchi?
I’m really looking forward to this because it will not only shut up the classic Avenger fans it will also generate more interest around Thor and Asgard on Earth.

3 Responses

  1. Actually thats Simone Bianchi, not Dell’Otto. I kinda hate Bianchi art.

  2. […] I have to say I wasn’t original a fan of Simone Bianchi’s Heavy Metal influenced work but I’ve been really falling in love with his work lately. I think truthfully I hated his redesigns of the Astonishing X-Men’s costumes for his run with Warren Ellis but the way he rendered this image of Thor moves me a little. I really want to see what his Iron Man looks like after seeing his Thor and Captain America. […]

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