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Strange Tales #3 – Longshot and the X-Men

Longshot and the X-Men feat. in Strange Tales

Marvel Comics Longshot

Longshot story that features, among other things, our mulleted hero riding an energy skateboard, and a metal-singing Storm accompanied by Wolverine and Gambit on bass and guitar.


AfghanAnt’s Opinion – This is what should have been done with Longshot a long time ago. While I really enjoy Longshot‘s appearance in Peter David’s X-Factor, I can’t help but feel like he’s not really Longshot – like he’s just this guy who looks like Longshot in a terribly edited version of his costume (ala cosplayer). The great thing about Longshot is he was unjaded and fun and from the looks of these pages I can only assume we will see those fundamental elements of the character explored.

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