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Stealing Thor’s Thunder: Viking (DC Comics)

Maximums March! The Viking

Viking, Son of Ice Giants - Maximums

Viking, Son of Ice Giants - Maximums

Profile: Cold, strong, and probably willing to rape and pillage (he is a viking after all), Viking (brilliant name Loeb) was the Maximums’ powerhouse. Modelled on Marvel Comics’ Thor, Viking is the son of Ice-Giants. Viking appear on New Earth with the Maximums in search for Superman and Batman who they believe killed their ally.

Weapons & Powers: Viking wields an enchanted battle axe which was carved from black ice by Ymir. Since he is magical based, Viking’s axe can cut even Superman’s skin. However it seems extremely vulnerable to heat (mystical or otherwise).

As the son of Asgardian Ice Giants, his power include superhuman strong, endurance, flight, and the ability to generate intense cold from his mouth and axe.

Quote: “…by my father’s icy hand!”

AA Thoughts: While I hate all of Loeb’s writing post Hush (did he have a good ghost writer?), I am fond of Viking. McGuiness is probably the only reason this character works for me. His dialog was dreadful and he really didn’t do much within the 5 issues of Superman/Batman he was featured. I am surprised Loeb didn’t use DC’s first Thor clone – Wandjina.

Viking and the Maximums

Viking and the Maximums

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