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New Avengers # 60 – The Death of Luke Cage

New Avengers 60 - Death of Luke Cage

New Avengers 60 - Death of Luke Cage

Bendis’ future plans mostly involve death, including the deaths of Luke Cage in “New Avengers” #60 and the Sentry in “Dark Avengers” #13–though his comment that Spider-Woman would die in the fifth issue of her own series made it pretty clear that he was kidding about these plans.

So it looks like one of my favorite characters, Luke Cage, will be kicking the bucket in New Avengers #60. I’m really sad because he was one of the major reason I buy New Avengers.

Goodbye Sentry

Goodbye Sentry

It also looks like crazy Superman clone, the Sentry, will die in Dark Avengers #13. Even though he will be dying, I’m sure he’ll get better.

9 Responses

  1. Ok, why they kill the black man? Thats so 80s horror/action film.

  2. I thought they said he was kidding…well about Spider-Woman. Oh who cares. Hopefully he’ll kill off every person he brought onto the New Avengers during his run. Leaving the next writer with a clean slate. This will probably happen though anywhere from 5 to 10 years if Marvel’s sales actually ever go down. DC is just hopeless when it comes to doing regular comics.

  3. Luke Cage is the lamest piece of Black trash ever.


    • What a dumbass lil punk bitch…jack, is that ur name? Well jack, ur a pice of shit. I hope u choke on a Luke Cage dick u fucking bigot

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