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Marvel Comics: The Siege Promo Trailer

Marvel Comics: The Siege

The Siege - Jim Cheung

The Siege - Jim Cheung

Siege” is a storyline that will be huge in both scope and cast. “It stars all of the Avengers teams, the Secret Warriors and the Young Avengers. Plus we’ve got all of Norman’s forces, as well, including the Initiative and all that entails,” Bendis revealed. “This the event that brings the classic Avengers back together again. What could happen in the Marvel Universe that would get Iron Man, Captain America, Thor and everyone else to get over themselves and get back together? What would get the band back together on legitimate terms?”

“Siege” is a mini-series as well as a crossover event that will spill over into the Avengers titles, and possibly several solo titles that feature prominent Avengers as well. “There will be tie-in issues, and the ‘New Avengers’ and ‘Dark Avengers’ issues will be essential, but those issues will include a lot of fun payoffs for a lot of characters. Including characters that people have been wondering about, like Norman Osborn, the Sentry, and Ares,” Bendis explained. “Just like we did in ‘Secret Invasion,’ we’re going to flip over all our cards and show you everything. We’re not going to end ‘Dark Reign’ and leave you wondering, ‘What happened to that guy? And what happened to this guy?’ We’re going to turn everything over. I think people were satisfied by the way we did that in ‘Secret Invasion.’ As a fan, it’s what I like to see. And that’s definitely what we’re going to do.”

The Siege

The Siege - Olivier Coipel

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