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In Case You Missed It: TurboSquid Closes Deal with Autodesk

Autodesk & TurboSquid Closes ADSK Seek Deal

Autodesk Software was used in Spider-Man 3

Autodesk Software was used in Spider-Man 3

Stock 3D models marketplace, TurboSquid, has closed a deal with Autodesk to be the exclusice 3D models marketplace provider for Autodesk Seek.

Here’s what Matt Wisdom, TurboSquid’s CEO had to say about the deal:

TurboSquid closed a major deal with Autodesk Seek® a few weeks ago that we can finally announce. We’re excited about this for several reasons. Firstly, it shows the continued trust that Autodesk places in TurboSquid and our leadership in building this industry.

Secondly, it places TurboSquid in the best position to reach the massive number of CAD users coming into the graphics markets and further augments our existing relationships within their Media & Entertaiment group. As a 3D artist in the animation world, I used to personally just deal with pictures and animations for clients.

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