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Cloak and Dagger are Officially X-Men

X-Men VS AgentofAtlas - Pewiew

X-Men VS Agent of Atlas - Preview

Looks like Cloak and Dagger’s mutant misadventures will be continuing as they are seen in the X-Men Vs Agents of Atlas Preview. I’m ambivalent to their inclusion into a roster that is already fudge pack’d. Not only do you have the core X-Men such as Colossus, Dazzler, and Angel just standing around, but now you’ve got Namor, the New Mutants, the New X-Men, Young X-Men (I wish Ink would laser remove himself), The X-Club (Fraction trying to be Ellis, AMIRITE?), useless mutants (Bling!, what’s his face, and the ugly one) sitting in the background but now you’ve got Cloak and Dagger there too.

I didn’t have a problem with them being Dark X-Men because I knew it was going to spin-off into its own title. A separate title that featured a smaller cast means Cloak and Dagger had a chance to do something or at least be angst and interracial. But with them being lumped into with a cast of over 50 and only two titles they will essentially just be transportation (as seen above) or the very least background (haithar every B-list character in Uncanny X-Men) because lets face it Ellis has the toys he wants to play with in their own Astonishing sandbox and to an extent so does Yost/Kyle with X-Force.

We need another ethnic cleansing!


I miss the good ol’ x-title days where every one was on a team and that team stayed in its own title – this way of separating the the large cast in the 90’s really worked and allowed for characters to grow and develop. I fear Cloak and Dagger being X-Men means Cloak and Dagger being in limbo. Looks at the diverse and beloved cast of the New X-Men – they’ve been split up into sell-able (X-23, Pixie, The Cuckoos  Elixir, and too a much smaller extent Surge) and page fillers. While Wolverine and Emma Frost pull triple duty in every Marvel title ever! I am so tired of Emma Frost being sneaky and doing things for the greater good and I am just fucking tired of seeing Wolverine cut things and being grumpy – doesn’t he do anything else at all?

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