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No More Heroes 2: Shinobu Jacobs is Better Than You

Harking back to 70’s Blaxploitation and Kill Bill, the Shinobu trailer for No More Heroes 2 is beyond amazing. Shinobu (whose last name is Jacobs) has all the sass and personality you would expect from an around-the-way girl but with a Kurosawa twist.  Even her name is awesome – Shinobu Jacobs is a black girl name if I ever heard one, in fact I am pretty sure all her friends call her “Shi-Shi” and play double dutch when she aint assassinating people for sport. You might be saying to yourself, “she’s not that cool” or “Travis Touchdown is better” but you have to understand I love this girl for the same reason all black men will love her – we love Asian shit.

Don't Fuck Wit Dis Bitch Right Here

Don't Fuck Wit Dis Bitch Right Here

That’s right. We all do. Whether it is their sub-servant women, 1-for-5 noodles, or terribly dubbed kung-fu – niggas love Asian shit.

Growing up I was absolutely addicted to anime everything from Akira and Astro Boy to Sailor Moon and Pokemon. I don’t know why but for some reason Asian cultures spoke to me. Even to this day I still love Asia and more specifically Japan (how you doin’?). For me and most black guys, Asian cultures had everything Black culture lacked – martial arts, chicken fried rice and most importantly, samurai swords.

Niggas love samurai swords. Why we like samurai sword so much? I don’t know but I do know I had one and I would spend hours upon hours watching kung fu flicks with it in between masturbation until I discovered dry humping.

That’s why seeing a black girl with attitude running around with a big ass samurai sword choppin’ niggas down is so awesome for me. I mean did you watch that fucking trailer? Shorty is wildin’.

Ubisoft, ya’ll got something golden here. Look at the success of Afro Samurai. Dem niggas got Sam Jackson to fucking grunt for 2 hours between chopping muthafuckas up and that movie was a huge success. All ya’ll need to do is get the RZA to put together a fucking score for this game and this shit will sell itself to black men everywhere.  Trust.

Wow – I got mad niggerish towards the end of this post…

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