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Super Street Fighter IV Revealed!

Super Street Fighter IV Details

Super Street Fighter 4 Teaser

Super Street Fighter 4 Teaser

There has been buzz about Super Street Fighter 4 coming soon and after reading the Street Fighter 4 Blog and seeing leaked shot of T.Hawk , we finally have some screens and details on Super Street Fighter 4:

Images from Kotaku

Super Street Fighter IV Characters:

Super Street Fighter IV will include veteran fighters from the Street Fighter II, the Alpha series, and Street Fighter III : Dee Jay, T.Hawk, Dudley, Ibuki, Makoto, Adon, Cody and Guy.

I gotta say I’m not impressed with the inclusion of Makoto, Dudley, or Dee Jay. I don’t know anyone who uses these character successful and there are so many other characters that could have included that would make sense to the series  – Karin being at the top of that list.

New Super Street Fighters IV Characters:

Hakan – An Arabic grappler obsessed with oil (I can’t help but think of pornstar Hakan).
Juri – Evil Asian girl fighter working for Seth (As seen in the shots above).

The game takes place one year after Street Fighter 4 and the official announcement is said to be coming at the Tokyo Game Show and on the Japanese Street Fighter 4 blog soon.

If you are worried about having to spend another $60.00 on what is essentially DLC – don’t worry there is a chance that these additions will DLC rather than a newly boxed game. Either way, Capcom already has my money in spades.

Super Street Fighter IV Updates:

  • All characters will have two Ultras. They will both be available at one time, not selectable like with Third Strike’s Super Arts. The commands to execute your Ultras do not overlap.
  • Gen has four Ultras because of his two fighting styles. One of these is said to be an Air Ultra.
  • Some characters will have Air Ultras.
  • The Bonus Stages will be returning.
  • Expect the return of the many familiar Supers, and a few new ones like Metsu Shoryuken. You’ll see the return of Chun-Li’s Kikosho (Super Fireball), Gouken’s Denjin, Sagat’s Tiger Cannon (Super Fireball).
  • Ibuki has a run command.
  • Guile has his Sonic Hurricane move from Marvel vs. Capcom 2.
  • Dudley has his Chain combos from Third Strike, plus one additional Chain combo.
  • Cody is the only character with an Alpha Counter and he still has his knife. He supposedly needs his knife to perform one of his Ultras.
  • Rufus can cancel-break the last hit of his Spectacle Romance, or the launch kick of Space Opera Symphony.
  • Guy has his Chain combos.
  • Makoto has her Tanden Renki Super from Third Strike.
  • Zangief is said to have a 720 degree motion Air Ultra called the Siberian Blizzard.
  • Dudley was searching for his car in Third Strike, in this game he’s searching for a rose.
  • T. Hawk’s storyline involves him protecting Juni or Juli.
  • Dhalsim’s new Ultra is called the Yoga Shangri’la.
  • There’s a new gameplay system called Tadan Saving, the phrase implies a multi-hitting or multiple-level Focus Attack.

17 Responses

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  3. thanks for the heads up on my blog i linked you. one thing tho dudley is a beast, and he should be balrogs rival hes the only character i liked in SFIII. ibuki was alright tho.


  4. What? How can you say Makoto and Dudley should not have been included? They were fan-favorites of Street Fighter 3 and have pro players playing them(Makoto-J, Dudley- Kokujin). With Makoto being top-tier and Dudley being upper-tier .

    • Makoto and especially Dudley are clumsy and unbalanced characters and should not have been included.

      I don’t care who mastered them or what their rank is – there so many more well balanced characters that should have been included: Karin, Charlie, Elena, or Sean easily come to mind followed by Birdie, Juni, Juli, Yang, do you see where I am going with this?

      Sent from Android.

      • are you really saying sean? sean for a lack of better words is strait garbage. only ones on that list i think are ok is Elena and yang, maybe even birdie. i cant speak on karin i never used her. charlie wont be in, we dont need a second guile (even tho charlie has a stronger flash kick and weaker sonic boom). juli and juni are just another cammy and cammy players online are a joke. 80% of them just spam her spiral arrows.

        ill agree makoto is clumsy no matter how much i tried to use her shes was just off. Dudley on the other hand i can main better then i can main balrog. hes one of the smoothest fighters in SFIII i think. if dudley isnt in SSFIV im gonna be disappointed.

        if you wanna talk unbalanced look at sagat dude is just a beast. i can use only 3 simple 3-4 hit combos and wreak people.

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  6. they keep saying they are listening to the fans bullshit karin kanzuki is at the top of the list and yet they still dont add her I want karin so many petitions online as well for her

  7. WOW you not being impressed with the inclusion of Dudley and Makoto is embarassing. you dont know anyone who uses them? are you fucking kidding? Makoto is in the top fucking tier! there are many pros who play as Makoto. such as J Ken I, sextaro? and as for dudley, never heard of Kokujin? Fujiwara?

    (ignore Kokujin in that he doesnt do anything)

    (theres a real kokujin but u gotta wait for the first fight to finish)

    ps i dont give a shit about d


  9. makoto,cody,dudley,guy are best choices ever maybe even dj but i really hate ibuki and t.hawk and adon’s okay but don’t really adon much,btw i would want alex,remy,karin,charlie,sean,q,elena and r.mika to be the next to make the cut in ssf4 as dlc atleast if not then oh well dats just capcom’s way.

  10. wtf are you ppl saying those mostly made the best comebacks to me considering the fact that makoto and dudley both are favourite.

  11. is charlie a fan favourite or just another shotoclone well i’ll tell the answer to that!
    he’s my fav and yes he is a clone but guile clones are so rare and few .

  12. my mains in ssf4 are cammy,dudley and fei.long abit of ryu!!! of course but sadly no ken user .

  13. my wishlist ssf4 character dlc in an particalur order!
    1st karin
    2nd alex
    3rd elena
    4th remy
    5th sean
    6th charlie
    7th r.mika
    8th Q

  14. Dude wtf is wrong with you. Chill out.. your a freak for keep posting. This is not a website where your wish comes true. And those are far too many characters for a dlc. So Jam dude.

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