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Avengers In Galactic Storm

Created in 1995 by Data East, Avengers in Galactic Storm is a 3D rendered Marvel Comics fighter based on the Avengers event, Operation Galactic Storm. Like many other fighters, Avengers in Galactic Storm (AGS for short) is a mash buttons as fast as you can to defeat the beat – however what sets this game apart is its early inclusion on the “helpers”. Helper are characters that appear on the screen to perform a special attack and than return to nothingness once the attack is complete. If this sounds familiar it is the same tactic that Capcom used it is wildly popular Marvel Vs Capcom series. Like the MVC series, this game also features an ominous boss character that is stationary – Supremor.

I can’t say much about the game play other than it looks generic – jumping, punching, super combos. One thing I am happy to see is this is the first Marvel that includes Thor as a character (as well as the considerably lamer Thunderstrike).

Want to play this game? Download Avengers in Galactic Storm – You’ll need  MAME to play it.

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