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Rob Liefeld’s Ultimates! No, I Mean Maximums!

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Rob Liefeld’s ability to steal great comic ideas and created terrible bastards never ceases to bring me pure and utter joy. Whether it is the Ultimates (as seen above), Supergirl,  Captain American, Hulk, Justice League, or the Authority – this hack has them all.

Honestly his characters always seem like bad forum avatars – he thought Superman was cool so he created his own lifeless version called Supreme and thought no one would ever tell the difference *side eye*.

I guess I’m just really disappointed after 25 years in the comic industry he still try to pass off recycled ideas as original thought. To be fair, I don’t have a problem with homages at all but there comes a point when it isn’t a homage – it’s a ripoff.

Urgh I still can’t believe they are making a move out of his Avengers/JLA/X-Men/Teen Titans rip-offs. If only someone would give him the “shaft”.

3 Responses

  1. The Maximums have existed since about 1997-98, which I enterpreted as an Avengers rip off at the time. The team would exist regardless of the creation of the Ultimate Universe.

    • Yes but the lineup (like so many of Liefeld’s creations) were retro-fitted to resemble other companies popular teams. For examples see EVERY YOUNGBLOOD LINE UP EVER.

    • Also, there was no Rob Liefeld Image/Extreme team called “the Maximums” until after the Ultimates. Rob Liefeld created Maximum Press in 97 – 98.

      Also don’t confuse this team (which first appeared in Youngblood) with the DC comics version by (another lazy comic creator) Jeff Loeb.


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