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The Secret History of an Avatar – AfghanAnt

Like many Freedom Force skinners, I’ve designed and redesign my avatar more times than I’ve skinned any other character. In fact, I realized that after I completed my latest reskin of AfghanAnt I should do a blog post about the evolution of the character. So without further ado I present the secret history of AfghanAnt.

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Originally designed for a weekly comic strip – Hyperion, the Hyper-Man was the proto-AfghanAnt. He was an alien superhero who was stranded in Japan and being chased by an being known only as the Cosmic Dual Spoon Witch – insane. Created on 03/08/03,  Lord Ehmsidy modeled the original mesh and I provided the skin for the character. Even though his name was “Hyperion”, many people on the pre-Freedom Reborn referred to him as AfghanAnt which was my username and it just stuck.

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In 2004 during the height of the “Similar-6’s” era, this version of my avatar was created by Ink for the opening of our new site – HeroForce.

V2 had a few changes, he became more adult looking and his cape switched locations over all he was the same. It wasn’t until his reimagined history for Dr Mike’ mod, Tales of the Navigator did he become something new. Instead of an Japanese Superman, AfghanAnt became Afkarr N’nant, a warrior/diplomat of the Z’zen people and member of the H.I.V.E.

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Created in late 2005, V3 of AfghanAnt became the focal point of a whole universe of original know as HIVEworld. Now AfghanAnt had an nemesis in Nox Blatta, a sidekick in Pupae, and a sister in Halal Hornet.

This version of AfghanAnt received the most attention from the Freedom Force community and this generated numerous other characters to fill out his universe and backstory. V3 was the longest used of my AfghanAnt avatars and was  redesigned by The Ultimate Evil, Courtnall 6, and Tomato.

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V4 of AfghanAnt was created on a whim back in late 2008. I wanted to return AfghanAnt to his “Hyper-man” roots and decided to update Lord Ehmsidy’s original mesh to match my original drawing. I severely depowered AfghanAnt V4, his hyper-bands no longer gave him Superman-like powers and he relied on a pistol known as “Killer Sting”. This version of AfghanAnt appears in the Freedom Reborn avatar mod, in the HF promo by The Ultimate Evil, and in my blog’s banner – look up.

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Inspired by Tap43’s redesign, I decided to update my avatar once again but this time I wanted something that would last. So I combine my Photoshop skill with my design knowhow to not only make AfghanAnt look more alien but militant. I decided to make him golden hued as well as change his eyebrows and hair color to reflect his departure from the previous versions. I think sub-consciously I was channeling Ed Mcguinness in the look. Overall with this redesign I just wanted something super clean and well executed. After all these years, I think I got him right.

So there you have it – seven years of my avatar AfghanAnt. If you want to see more of my work, stop by HeroForce and feel free to comment about the change.

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  1. Wow, I’m impressed, that’s pro level designing on that avatar.

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