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RoboFury – Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2’s Secret Character

All Your Base Are Belong to RoboFury.

RoboFury: All Your Base Are Belong to Us

Sorry not to use spoilers or whatever but I’m really pissed at some decisions the developers of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 have made. RoboFury (as the internet is referring to him) is on the top of my list.  How could they string us along for weeks about this secret character when it is the MUA version of Cyber-Akuma.

RobFury - Nick Fury

RobFury - Nick Fury

I do have to say this – RoboFury looks a lot like Cats (All Your Base Are Belong to Us). Everything from the tacky cybernetic eye patch to the smug attitude, it’s like RoboFury and Cats are long lost brothers. I can only hope the MUA2 scene where RoboFury shows up begins like Zero Wing with Captain America being the Captain and all the other roles going to the supporting cast (I imagine Spider-man as Operator and Ironman as Mechanic).

9 Responses

  1. he’s not just a hidden character, he’s the bloody final boss*facepalms*

  2. I don’t think he’s the hidden character. I think he’s just a platform exclusive character for the 360. I could be wrong, though.

  3. shit i was hoping it was 8-ball… lame…

  4. kinda lame. I do like that Jean Grey constantly mentions “phalanx” and that deadpool makes borg referances. Its like saying “Hey, we know we are using a lame and tired idea so we will joke about it.”

  5. There are 2 seceret char’s ?
    Who is the Second :X

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