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Obama is Not the Anti-Christ

Bored out of my mind and still offended over some nasty remarks I received this weekend, I decided a really good horror movie was in order. Naturally I went to Google and typed in Antichrist because frankly I like apocalyptic Christian mythology. The moment my search results return do you know what in the fuck I saw in the sponsored search? This shit:

obama-antichristAt first I thought maybe it’s some ridiculously stupid Midwestern Christians but then I found these:




Really? This is how you feel about Obama? Is government run healthcare really this fucking serious? Socialist, maybe but to call him the fucking Anti-Christ? We let the a war-mongering, C student off by labeling him moron but we call Obama the fucking Anti-Christ? SMH

I am officially done with the human race and for once in life I am hoping that the Mayan Calendar ushers in the end of days on Dec 12, 2012.

3 Responses

  1. Yeah. Um. These right wing nuts don’t speak for the majority of sensible Christians out there.

    Also, I’d say it’s a huge leap to even call him a socialist. He doesn’t advocate government control of the means of production, or government control of property.

    • Yeah, I actually like Christianity a lot. It’s a very forgiving religion but I really think some people who claim they are Christians aren’t reading the Bible right. As a Jew, the Torah (Old Testament) is wrath and vengeance filled but Jesus’s new Testament is about love, peace, and salvation and from some of my conversations with some Christians I always get the impression that 1) I’m worshiping wrong (which is fine) and 2) I’m going straight to hell because of who I am. So when I saw all these Christian sites (most of them in the Midwest) going on about how Obama was the Anti-Christ I just exploded in anger. How could you call someone the Anti-Christ because you don’t agree with their legislation? It seems so…un-Christian.

      Oh, I completely agree about not calling him a socialist but I could understand calling him that before calling him the Anti-Christ. 😛

  2. Randomly came across this while looking up another older post you made (Liefield’s Obama nonsense), and I thought it was interesting… Speaking as someone who has done studies into Revelation (big bad book of end times for those who aren’t aware) and honestly… The way I read it, if anything Obama is the anti-anti-Christ… A giant bulk of what Revelation and other prophecies say is going to happen centers around Iraq being the centerpiece of the world stage, which we’ve moved away from during the Obama administration… if anything, Bush was a much more likely Anti-Christ only because he made Iraq an issue in the first place.

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