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Solomon Grundy – The Original Black Lantern


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So I’m just browsing the internet minding my own when I came across an extremely interesting hypothesis – Solomon Grundy is the prototype Black Lantern.  “Buried on a Sunday” Grundy was Alan Scott’s nemesis for years, so it makes since considering Johns loves Pre-Crisis DC and  always attempts to tie up all the loose threads left after the first Crisis (the other two had like no lasting effect on DCU). If this is the direction the story plays out I’d be really happy because I feel like he brought the whole Flash mircoverse together under the Speed Force and the same should be done for Alan Scott (and Obsidian) in the GL microverse.

It’s interesting that Morrison’s reimagining of Cyprus Gold’s death and resurrection could easily be explained as a test Black Lantern.  The black waters of  Slaughter Swamp in his veins come a point in space where time means nothing – that definately sounds a lot like Nekron’s deal to me.  His realm is after all a rift that exist between dimensions due to the paradox of immortality i.e. zombies.

While I can’t explain why he takes on a different persona when resurrected (chalk it up to bad writing), he does reanimate in a similar fashion and like the Black Lanterns seem to have some unfinished business. I think this reveals even more about the Black Lanterns and why they can’t recruit the Doves. Having peace with one’s death seems to be the white light of the universe.

It will be extremely interesting to see what happens in Superman/Batman #66 because Solomon Grundy actually receives a black lantern ring.

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