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Dove: White Lantern?

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It seems the white light in Blackest Night may be connected to the Lord of Order’s avatar – Dove.

What Geoff Johns said about Dove:

“You’ll learn more about this as we go forward. But really it speaks to the nature of Don Hall. He can’t be desecrated by the likes of these things. He’s untouchable in death and at total peace more than any other being in the universe.”

While there probably won’t be a White Lantern or a Corps for that matter there definitely a white light in the universe which is expressed as peace.

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2 Responses

  1. […] with Don Hall, Dove I, being at peace and again in the Blackest Night: Titans tie-in with Dove II, Dawn Granger – Dove is a White Lantern. While I’m some what relieved to see there will be an equally powerful team of White Lanterns […]

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