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Sexy Stripper Sunday (Sort of)

Well this has been one of those weeks with me and Dan. Not quite fighting but not quite fornicating either. I blame myself. I’ve been busy trying to wrap up all these little projects of mine and well I have been tired by the time he gets home. However I woke up this morning and well…words fail me so let me show what I feel right now:

Intense, right? Seriously though in my current state that is what I would be doing if I were a stripper. But not having such a nimble physique, I have resorted to pummeling children in Marvel vs Capcom 2 on Xbox Live. Oh, did you know they cursed like sailors on Xbox Live because I had no fucking clue. I signed in and it was “fuck you mother fucking fag” and teabagging threats constantly. It was like a completely different experience for me because I curse a lot and to hear people cursing at each other with such malice and hatred over 20 hit combos was like being welcomed home.  In fact when I left the fight, I looked up cursing on Xbox Live and was amazed there was a study done –  Frequency of Profanity in Halo 2.

I can chuckle at this because I’m an adult but really where are these kids learning this shit from? When I was growing up fuck was really the only word I knew. Now they know them all and can string them together in sentence which require no verbs at all.

Anyway, the only reason I really wrote this (besides being so horny) was to post that gif.  I miss Chardonnay.  She was an excellent stripper.

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