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African But Not American Simpsons

The Black Simpsons

I have a natural inclination to think this is awesome and reverse-racism all at the same time. While it is easy to see that this is awesome, the reverse-racism part may confuse a few people, so let me explain:

If they (they being the liberal media or Fox which ever you prefer) took let’s say… oh wait there aren’t any black cartoon families on television (excluding the Cleveland Show which hasn’t happened yet). But if they took the PJs (yes that ignorant ass Eddie Murphy claymation bullshit) and made them white I am sure everyone in the NAACP (did I spell that right?) would be screaming how white people stealing everything black (Oh wait. They do that already? My bad).  I personally don’t see the point of making the Simpsons black in a promo image but leaving them jaundiced for the actual show makes sense (but I also didn’t see why Japan would make an awesome  new intro for the 90’s X-Men cartoon but they did – Awesome Japanese X-Men Intro) but some marketing person thought it was a good idea (I’m in marketing and I would do the same thing if it meant dolla-doller bills ya’ll).

I guess I’m one of those purest that believes you shouldn’t make characters black (I’m looking at you Black Kingpin) just so you can sell it to a new demographic. Maybe that’s just me. I am, after all, a very diverse person who enjoys other people’s diversity so the idea of changing a show I enjoy (who am I kidding I haven’t enjoyed this show since season 9) to fit me (though a gay, Black Jewish Simpsons would be lulz-worthy, can you imagine the jokes!) is wrong.

There I said it! African Simpsons is Wrong (!) and I hope to HOVA above that the Black Mafia don’t get my ass. I already have the Gay Mafia threatening to put me where the light don’t shine. Yikes!

3 Responses

  1. how come they didn’t change the dog to fit the theme by making it a Rottweiler or a pit bull?

    • You know for someone who calls me a racist on a daily basis because of the stereotypes I believe, you certain say some ignore shit yourself. 😛 After like 7 years I am finally rubbing off on you! Yes!

  2. the pj’s was connected to futurama, therefore it had a small iota of coolness. but stuff like this really doesn’t bother me honestly it’s like drawing an American character in in manga. unless they totally change the product to pander to people it’s just fan art

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