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Aquatic Habitat (For Humanity)

turbosquid_logoI don’t know why it took me so long to write about this but two weeks ago TurboSquid held a Habitat for Humanity build in the Ninth Ward and of course I was there. If you know me, you know being out in the Louisiana sun is not one of my favorite things (it is a constant 73 in my house and the ceiling fans are always on),  so when I signed up for the build I wasn’t too excited (especially when Dan had to bail on me). However once we got to Musicians’ Village and I saw all the homes that were built, I became completely overcome with joy. That sounds corny I know but I guess because I actually remember what that section of town looked like after Katrina it was just so surprising to see it look so alive. Not just alive, but vibrant and colorful (mostly because the houses were neon colors). The day just overwhelmed me (heat exhaustion).

I haven’t always been the most giving person (probably because I haven’t had shit to give) but that day out there among the TurboSquid and Autodesk employees as well as 3D artists (the most amazing group of students drove 22 hrs because of a Twitter post! Twitter for the Win!) was really important to me (even if I was going to pass out every other hour) and I wont forget it. I would definitely do it again when it’s not so hot.
Squid (1)

Want to see the pictures?

Visit TurboSquid Blog – Habitat for Humanity Build 2009

On a unrelated note: how awesome is this Turbo Squid?

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