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Marvel Comics Solicits Fall 2009

Secret Warriors # 10 – I’m really looking forward to this issue because I love Thor and Ares, Jim Cheung did the cover, and it focuses on Phobos. After seeing this cover it made me really want some sort of Marvel Gods comics drawn by Jim Cheung and written by JMS. While I am certain that will never happen, I am glad I get to finally see some more Ares/Thor wank material.

Thor #604 – While I am not familiar with the writing of Kieron Gillen, I am excited about seeing Billy Tan draw Thor. I enjoyed his work on Uncanny X-Men and New Avengers and from this cover it looks like he will not disappoint. I really wish Marvel had released the Oliver Coipel cover though. Coipel’s work was so refined and stunning on Thor it is hard for me to enjoy the title without him.

Dark X-Men #1 – I am extremely excited about this title because first it is Paul Cornell of Dr Who fame and Leonard Kirk (Supergirl) and second Nate Grey, X-Man returns. This is a character Joe Q hates (a long with all the other Age of Apocalypse refugees) but I love him. To me he had such amazing potential and when Warren Ellis re-imagined him as a mutant shaman I absolutely fell in love with him. I liked Nate before but it is so rare that teenage character actually evolve into something completely different and new (unless you are Speedball and you just become a power cutter…).  The only thing I’m a little disappointed with Cloak and Dagger no longer on the team. I actually liked them in the X-titles (which was a surprise to me) but I guess they realized they were written badly by Fraction and returned to being “druggie”.

Psylocke #1 – Yes. Yes. Yes. Yost plus Psylocke = Win. Pure win even. I am so excited the mess which is Psylocke is going to be dealt with by someone who is a good writer. No offense to Fraction but what the fuck did he think he was doing by resurrection her original body, putting her in it, and then having Dazzler blowing her face off? I didn’t even understand why Dazzler would use such force against he brainwashed friend. Why did Fraction brainwash Psylocke again anyway? I just felt like Psylocke’s return was underwhelming and I am really hoping this mini gives her an identity and place in the x-titles that isn’t sexy Asian ninja.

Astonishing X-Men #32 – I’m really hoping that Phil Jimenez’s artwork will help Ellis save this title. In theory this should be the best X-title being printed but instead it is just as bad as Uncanny X-Men but for the completely opposite reason. While Fraction ignores personality and doesn’t understand plot, Astonishing X-Men has too much personality at times and the plot (while very interesting) is too far out even for Marvel’s mightiest mutants. Knowing that the Brood will be returning has be hopeful. If anyone can make these Xenomorph rip-offs interesting it is Ellis and what I’ve seen of Philly’s art I’d say he not only made this over designed costumes likable he’s actually made them stylish.

Dark Avengers: Ares #2 – This is the title I have been waiting for since Ares joined the Avengers. He needs the spotlight because he’s muscle daddy Thor/Wolverine mashup and frankly that’s sort of hot. Plus he’s the fucking God of War.

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