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Blackest Night #5 Cover

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If you are staring at this cover and wondering who the big bad of the Blackest Night crossover is, it’s…

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The afterlife’s receptionist myself, Nekron.

Who’s Nekron? Well he’s an extremely obscure from Tales of the Green Lantern Corps #2.  I’m excited but also confused as to how someone who got his ass handed to him by always blowing up for no reason Captain Atom could not only resurrect every major and minor character in DCU, but also power the whole thing. I guess it makes sense that he would be the source of the Black Lantern because back in the day Nerkon did created the dead GL Corp but it also makes him easier to beat in my mind now. I am now assured (even though I didn’t need to be) that good will in fact triumphant over evil.

I guess I’m a little disappointed with this may end now. I was hoping for an ongoing Black Lantern JLA…

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  1. … you know, I had a comment for this blog post, but I forgot it after looking at the “related posts” bar and spotting this


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