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Blackest Night #2


As to be expected the murderous mayhem of the Black Lanterns continues in Blackest Night. I thought the issue was good but it felt like nothing I hadn’t seen in the first issue really happened. There were some zombie resurrections, a fight with a fallen Justice League veteran, of course a Titan died because Geoff Johns is nothing if not a murder of (former) teenage sidekicks…

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Yup he killed former Teen Titans, Tempest. I literally yelled “Fucked you, Johns!” He really has a hard-on for killing Titans. I just imagine him jacking off thinking about killing Titans.

Insult to injury he has Aquagirl/Tula kill Garth. I know he did this to be all poetic  and push his all War of Light as human emotions idea but did she have to rip out his fucking heart? Did you really need to go to the lowest common to expression to your reader that death is greater than love or whatever you were trying to fucking say.

I really hope the Black Lantern Justice League appearing in issue 3 is better because randomly killing every character that’s not your favorites is getting boring to read.

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2 Responses

  1. Pfft, like any of these guys are gonna stay dead after BN is over.

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