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Homophobia Fail

So that retard from the previous Fail post finally responded to my comment and honestly I was disgusted and turned on all at the same time. That is proof this guy is obviously doing it wrong.

HAHAHAHA nice display picture you fucking afgany scum terriost loving nigger. You look like a pedofile. Infact you probably are a pedofile, you sick fuck.
Comment me ever again, i’ll fuck your mouth so hard it drills a hole in the back of you fucking head. Then when that hole is is made, i’ll twist your fucking head round and fuck the hole I made. Go get a job, you benifit scrounging tar skinned filth.

How is threatening to fucking someone’s mouth until it drills a hole in their skull and then fucking said hole not gay? Furthermore who threatens another person with extreme sex? Shouldn’t he have said he was going to kick my ass? Or even I don’t know…kill me? Instead he threatens to have rough sex with me? What is wrong with this guy?

Closeted racists really confuse me.

2 Responses

  1. lolwut. Benifit sounds like incredibly helpful pants.

  2. This was a really great read, I am very glad I came across your site.

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