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Marvel Anime – Wolverine

I hate to tell Marvel this but this guy ain’t Wolverine. He is some Ninja Gaiden, Hugh Jackman swagger jackin’, demon killing mother fucker with claws.

I’ve watched this video at least seven times and the more I watch the less it feels like Logan. I know they didn’t want to go from the traditional Wolverine, however when Japanese fanboys are doing it betta there is a problem.

I mean come the fuck on! Did Joe Q really watch this and go “That’s one badass Japanese Wolverine” because I know I sure as fuck didn’t. I’m not being a hater to just be one either, pretty much every comment I saw thought this was:


Jesus Christ, this sucks real bad.

WTF is this shit …FAIL

This is going to be worse than that time Christian Bale Goes Bat Shit on Peter Griffin.

5 Responses

  1. What a load of shit! Can’t they just leave well enough alone? And yet ANOTHER Wolverine vehicle.

  2. LOL, American ruined many Japanese anime like Dragon Ball Z and more by turning them into movies that is shity. So I guess this is a revenge then, thanks to the Americans. by the way, I’m not even Japanese, they have cool animes, but no thanks.

    • This is completely an American movie with a Japanese graphic team (MadHouse) doing the animation. I’m just surprised at how non-Wolverine this movie is.

  3. ok what the hell was that, you have character that is rich in Japanese culture already and yet it still gets fucked up

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