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Racism Fail?

So I was on Youtube just now and I jokingly said that a commenter was in love with sxephil in a homosexual way and this was his reply:

Listen here mother bitch. You’re a pakki, with a chode. Tar skinned, Indian filth go die in a hole. I’m going to fucking fist your Urethra if you ever say anything like that to your almight God again, understood? You spear throwing fucking prick.

My response was childish and I did say he obviously wanted to toss Phil’s salad and something about cum but how ridiculous is that comment?

First he used the wrong racist remarks against me and then he threatens me with an extreme homosexual remark? I can’t help but think that the commenter is some sort of self-hating homosexual. So sad.

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  1. […] Posted on July 29, 2009 by afghanant So that retard from the previous Fail post finally responded to my comment to him and honestly. I was disgusted and turned on all at the same […]

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