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Whatever Happened to the Boy of Doom?


So this entry is be dedicated to a character I am fond of but was wiped from existence the moment the elsewhere he came from was resolved. That’s right – Doomsboy. A clone of the Superman killing Doomsday, Doomsboy was doomed to obscurity once the five issue crossover A World Without Young Justice was over. Which is ashame since the Spoiler as female Robin and Bart Allen as Kid Flash ideas were use afterwards. In a way the idea of Kon-el as a clone of Lex Luthor (Superman’s greatest) mirrored Doomsboy’s origin but Conner’s crybaby attitude about his hertiage was annoying.  Dooms’ embraced that fact. He knew he came from evil and he still was determined to be a hero. That is respectable.


I like to believe that Doomsboy was just too cool for the lame DC universe anyway.

He talked trash, he knew he was expotentially more powerful than Superman, and he had a bad ass design.

Where ever the boy of doom has gone I salute him for his momentary awesomeness. Now if only Conner get fall into the Bleed for a couple of months and we could get him back…

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