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Let’s Get X-treme!

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Whether you know him as “third Summers brother” or X-treme, Adam-X is one of those character that is a product of his time – the 90’s. Backwards cap and blades everywhere, he was destined to be doomed to F-list character fandom along with such characters as Reginfire, Brimstone, and so many others.

Important enough to be molded in plastic and sold to millions of X-fiends, Adam-X was never granted his time to truly shine. Sure he got some face time with Mr. Sinister due to his bloodline (his mother is believed to be Katherine Summers) and we got the big revelation that he was in fact Adam Neramani, son of the comatose dead emperor of the Shi’ar, D’Ken, but who this character?

Rebellious 90’s youth? Shi’ar mutant? Destined ruler of the Shi’ar Empire?

Adam-X, The Xtreme in Uncanny X-Men 513

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Well if you read the three lines Matt Fraction wrote for him, you would assume he’s an angry fratboy who likes to get “extreme”.

Regardless of all these “aspects” of his persona, I am really rooting for Adam-X to be back in space fight his Vulcan for control of the empire with the StarJammers. Wouldn’t this direction make sense for his character instead of anti-establishment mutant freedom fighter? Wouldn’t the son of D’Ken and Katherine Summers be the perfect person to battle for the Shi’er crown? Wouldn’t the Shi’ar High Council be searching for D’Ken half-breed heir since Lilandra’s death? Whatever Marvel does, I hope Fraction stays very, very far away from a character that has actual potential. Not like his Dr. Nemesis (does anyone even care about this fucking Elijah Snow ripoff?).

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