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Digital Art – New X-Men

New X-Men

New X-Men

If you are looking at the image to the left, you are probably wondering what you are looking at. It’s an image I did with low-poly game models, Photoshop CS3, and stock imagery.

I really enjoyed doing this piece a lot. I did others but this one really came out just as I had imagined it would. I want something very X-Men but also very movie Watchmen. I actually extremely fond of how Emma came out and the lighting. I really thought that was going to get lost with the darkness of the background but I think it is a very balance composition.

I’ve done a few more of these but unfortunately (because I like small canvas areas) they are all this size. I think I’m going to take a crack at something rather large today (there I go adding yet another fragging thing to do. I can feel the energy being drained for one project and pushed to another as I type this…no Counter-Earth Young Avengers from me anytime soon).

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