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Matt Cutts is Better Than You

I’m a search marketing guy, have been since my first job out of college (if we are not counting that liquor store on Ponce I worked out for 2 weeks. It was really good money). Most people can’t grasp what I do or even understand why the company I work for exist (my mother does not understand virtual goods at all) but it is what I do and love. Recently I have become increasing more serious about being able to do my jorb better and become a more rounded internet guy (I mostly just hang out on the fringe of the internet with the /b/itches and /b/tards heckling e-celebs for my own amusement (I’m looking at you Crooker)). But now I feel have to pour myself into learning new things. So I’ve been teaching myself advanced css and javascript, optimizing personal pages for fun, and becoming complete obsessed with Google’s Matt Cutts. I don’t know what is about him but he’s very honest and inviting which makes what he says to me stick a little bit more than if I had read it (because I do  not like reading at all). I had all intentions of doing a site upgrade in either flash (which I’m slowing teaching myself) or in html (which is so web 1.0 but easy to manipulate SEO-wise) but instead I create the layout from css and was able to match my design exactly.

He told this story when I was at Pubcon and that was when I realized I had developed an inspirational crush on him. One day I would like to be like Matt Cutts and if I try hard enough at very least I can be his crazy internet stalker.

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