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Black Captain America Returns?

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The New York Daily News is stating that the original Captain America is returning. If you are a comic book and conspiracy theorist like me you would assume (know) that the grandfather of Young Avenger’s Patriot is the original Captain America (because white folks always test potentially deadly superpower drugs on black people first) and that Isaiah Bradley (BlackCap, if you will) will be returning as the new Captain America in July 2009 .

I’m really not impressed that Marvel may go this route with the comic. I mean sure I’m glad Brubaker knows a lot of Captain America history and wants to bring that into his stories (see every Cap comic he’s ever written) but this seems like its appealing to the same people who buy comics with President Obama on them.

It is like they are trying to market to a demographic based on an idea of racial equality – “If the president can be black, why can’t Captain America?”

I just don’t buy into that and while the original black Captain America stories (Truth: Red, White & Black) were great because it was retroactively adding a new and interesting layer to Captain America’s history. I don’t know if Brubaker can achieve the same with his Black Captain America. I’m sure it will sell just fine (I’m going to buy Captain America #600 today), but is it a good story?

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Besides I’m a fan of BuckyCap. He’s everything Nightwing should have been years ago and just finally getting the chance to do nao. He’s the sidekick that has becomes the hero and while it took him a death, a rebirth, a stint as a cybernetic, Russian assassin to do so, it makes for a complex and real passing of the title “Captain America”. I really hope that this rebirth of blaxpoltation doesn’t lead to really good characters being replaced with black versions just to sell a few more units a month or Woll Smoth playing Captain America in the live action movie.

3 Responses

  1. I have no problem with Isaiah coming back as a character, maybe nomad or a new name. i think it would be a nice dynamic between the 3 caps( Isaiah, bucky and patriot), but i don’t know if i like bucky being replaced. the character is finally coming into the role as cap.

    • Yeah I’m a little upset BuckyCap is being replaced as well. I really liked him and I thought he was the perfect Captain America for the Marvel Universe right now but I guess Marvel needs to sell comics and nothing does that like a good ol’ resurrection.

      It would have been neat to see Isaiah, Patriot, and BuckyCap together. Especially the Patriot and BuckyCap. They really need some time to bond.

  2. There’s already a black “Captain America” running around currently (created long before Isaiah was retconned into Cap history)…His name is Battlestar…Hello Marvel?!

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