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Fabian Nicieza’s and Erik Larsen’s X-Factor

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He [Nicieza] suggested that we screw around with a character named the Crimson Commando and turn him into a half cyborg guy. Fabe sent me a drawing of a guy with a flag wrapped around his face at an angle and other oddly inspired components from various sources. I junked it from the neck down, straitened [sic] out the flag and gave it somewhat of a skull look and we had our new improved Commando (Fabian even went so far as to screw up the Crimson Commando in the pages of the X-Annuals…)

-Erik Larsen

I am so glad PAD’s idea for the X-Factor title was chosen. This team looks confused at best and just another 90’s comic cliche worst. Just so much ugly.

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