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Josh Boultinghouse at Illinois Superman Celebration

josh up up and away

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The winner of the 2008 search for the official Superman of the Metropolis Celebration, Josh Boultinghouse, will be in Metropolis, IL this weekend for the Superman Celebration. I’m really sad I’m not going to get a chance to go this year.  For like three years now I’ve dreamt of meeting Josh in person. Most people don’t understand it but when I think of Superman as a real-life person it is him I see.  He physically looks like Superman and he’s got the whole midwest, boyscout values.  There is something so pure about a boy dreaming of being Superman who actually becomes him as a man. In fact when I heard he tried out for the Superman Returns movie I really hoped he’d get the part. Hell, he has to be a better actor than Bradon Routh (who I did like but meh…).

For more details on Mr Boultinghouse, visit  Josh Boultinghouse.

For more details on the Superman Celebration in Metropolis click here.

This makes me want to pull out my Superman costume and force Dan to wear it.

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  1. Um….I think I’m in love.

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