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I’ve been running like a mad man for the last two weeks trying to find a new place to live. Either we’ve been too picky or outright rejected. It sort of makes me angry that either Dan or I call about an place to ultimately hate it or be told they don’t feel comfortable to with two people living in the unit (this translates into “no homos”).

Blargh, I need to go get my comics and decompress. I am so tightly wond up right now and I have a cat with a really bad eye infection to deal with (hours and hours of meowing and crying). Do you have any idea how difficult it is to wipe pus and rub ointment into a cat’s eye? Well it is and fuck you if you say it isn’t.

OH! G1 has a comic reader now if only I had some digital comics to read on it…

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  1. Well that’s disgustingly unfair. Sorry, AA. I hope you and Dan can find a good place soon!

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