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Bang Bang (Featuring Jay-Jay Johanson) – Two Fingers

Bang Bang - Two Fingers (Featuring Jay-Jay Johanson)

Not many Americans know who Jay-Jay Johanson is let alone Bang Bang (Xavier Jamaux) but the collaboration between the two is astonishing. Ten years after it debut on Bang Bang’s first album Je T’Aime Je T’Aime, Two Fingers is still a song full of sensitivity and sexually that the electroclash genre lacks.

As usual with Johanson’s lyrics, he exposes his soul to the world with a penmanship that has been signed with a language called love. Despite the romantic overtones, this song actually celebrates parental love. The “two fingers” in the song, represent dual roles of parents as they raise a child. The “He” aspect is the moral compass, the protector, and the provider. While the “She” is emotional. “She” provides something complete different and possibly of more importance to the persona in Jay-Jay’s lyrics – inspiration and love.

Bang Bang’s craftsmanship is impeccable on this track. He creates this audial illusion that Jay-Jay’s melodic voice is navigating the instrumentals and causing rhythmatic vibrations.

They both do their fans a disservice by never recording a follow-up track together. And with Jay-Jay’s departure from his synth-pop and trip-hop past, we will probably never hear such a captivating electroclash track again.

Want to hear the track yourself?

Listen to Bang Bang – Two Fingers (Feat. Jay-Jay Johanson).

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