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Uncanny X-Men 511 – The Red Queen

The Red Queen, Jean Grey

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Misdirection. This is the main theme to Matt Fraction’s newest run on Uncanny X-Men. While the buzz on the internet has been that Madelyne Pryor has returned as the Red Queen. Any X-mythos buff will tell you all signs point to this being Jean Grey. Not, that Jean Grey. This one – Jean Grey of Earth-998. That’s right -she’s incorporeal, dimension hopping, “magic” using and Nate Grey molesting.

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I’m so surprised that Fraction picked up an old Warren Ellis plotline from X-Man. On the surface it seems like a great idea. However with two issues left until the end of the storyline, I’m a little scared. Is she going to go all Phoenix and possibly Psylocke is going to have to put her down? Is Cyclops going to kill his wife to prove to his girlfriend just how much he loves her evil ass? I’m not sure but what I am sure of is, Jean Grey of  Earth-998 is the Red Queen and Psylocke will be Asian once again.

Originally posted by Matt Fraction:

Some readers may remember the Red Queen as Madelyne Pryor, Cyclops’ former wife and mother of Nathan Summers, aka Cable. But Fraction quickly points out that “we’re not bringing Maddie back into the fold, we’re bringing the Red Queen back.

“To me there’s a very distinctive difference,” the writer elaborates. “This was one of the last ideas [former UNCANNY writer] Ed Brubaker and I had together, the Sisterhood and the Red Queen and what she in particular is up to and why. The non-spoiler version is she’s a fun villain with a strange objective I don’t know we’ve seen before. Her mission, and the mission of the Sisterhood, is very, very specific and, I think, very twisted and a lot of fun.”


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Either way, the crazy world beating, incestuous Nate Grey loving, Resurrected Queen of Briton, High Protector of the Unified Commonwealth, Sacred Mistress of the Order of Black Knights, Absolute Empress of the North and the Breechland is back.

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