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Qaadir Howard – Youtube Channel Timaya

While some have compared his voice and demeanor to Chris Tucker’s character Ruby Rhod in The Fifth Element, fans of Qaadir Howard know he has a style all his own. With videos ranging from comedy sketches to self-produced house music (my favorite being Where is My Money?), Qaadir is generating buzz (and making folks laugh) all over the Internet.


Youtube channel banner I did for Qaadir

Having a natural gift for storytelling, Qaadir makes awkward situations (like stepping in human feces or being attacked by roaches) in comedic genius. But making people laugh isn’t all Qaadir does. He shares personal advice and his voice to encourage growth and positivity in those in need. However, his actions are not strictly bound to the digital domain. Qaadir also organizes a fitness group in Atlanta to promote healthy living through dance and free-form aerobics.

Despite the “shade” that may be thrown his way, Qaadir remains one of the nicest and most down to earth up-and-coming E-celebs around. I hope he continues to move forwards as he directs the haters to the left.

To see more of Qaadir, visit his YouTube channel – Timaya.

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