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Shark Near the Florida Coast

A shark in South Florida


In Brazil they have this saying that I didn’t understand until recently – Nao confie em agua paradas (Don’t trust still water). As a kid I thought it had to do with fishing. Any kid who grew up near the ocean knows no fish means sharks are near. As an adult I eventually figured out it isn’t about fishing, it’s about life.

Failing to realize that there are predators around you can lead to a really bad situation.

Currently the internet is my sea. I’ve traded in the crashing waves and sea breeze for spinning hard drives and exhaust fans. I navigate through the infinite ocean of html and java as the predators are circling beneath cyberspace hungry and ready to anonymously strike. They act as if they are bull sharks on the Miami coast – striking anything that disturbs the waves. They are ignorant to the hunter’s hand they are forcing. They have no clue of how little force needs to be applied to sharpen keystrokes. They have no understanding of being trapped in the net.

Fisherman Fact – The sharks who make themselves the most visible when they smell blood are always the first to die.


Dead Shark in Miami

Shark caught off the Miami Coast


3 Responses

  1. mate the whole thing just seemed like a load of shit from people starting trouble

  2. The second picture makes me sad because the shark looks so terrified. 😦

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