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Uncanny X-Men 510 – Psylocke’s Back

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So if you remember my other post on Psylocke’s returns, you’d know I’ve wanted Psylocke British (even though she is looking a little Asian in this preview) and back in her Australian era armor and it looks like I got my wish. I’m really hoping Uncanny X-Men # 510 is a lot better than the proceeding issues because they have been slow and greatly lacking the presence of the person who is on the cover. Fraction do not let me down anymore than you already have. Please…

Urgh also it looks like Claremont is going to continue to abuse Psylocke (and all the other X-Women) in X-Men: Forever. Here it is in his own words from a CBR:

“I assume Betsy’s on her way back to Mainstream Marvel and a reunion with Brian and the rest of the X-Canon. My own vision of the character, I’ll be carrying on in X-Men: Forever, which will debut in roughly a couple of months (mid-June, with an issue seeing print every fortnight.) I hope you enjoy it.”

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Why the hell does Marvel keep him on the payroll? His titles do not sale and relaunching his failed Exiles title as X-Men Forever is not going to make it a top seller.

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  1. I want Psylocke in her Asian body. I think it sucks. It is what is meant to be in so many timelines and alternate timelines. It is her. The body she was born with died. LEGACY VIRUS. Do you really believe she will stay in this body? No. She was put in it as a test to see if the red queen could survive in it.

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