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Justice League of Japan

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I’m sort of disappointed with the Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance previews and here’s why: it doesn’t look good. While the concept itself is solid (who doesn’t think Japan would totally start their own superhero team based on the Justice League), I think the designs are blah, the names are overly Japanese (but not in a good way), and honestly I feel like I’ve seen Marvel do this twice already. It is like DC thought they were being trendy and forward-thinking with this team of Japanese idols but it is about 10 years too late. Japanese culture and cartoon still has a huge fanbase in America but nowhere near what is was 10 years ago.

What makes me even more upset is I think DC missed there chance to cashing in on the trend 10 years ago when Cliff Chiang presented his Japanese inspired Justice League to them.  But instead of using a golden idea, they went with that terrible Justice League of Mechas idea. DC, I ask you, why would Superman of all people need a giant robot if his powers were still active? Is he not strong and invulnerable enough to fight bad guys on his own? Does  he really need to get inside of a 50 foot mecha and battle along side the six other Justice Leaguers? 

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Back to Chiang’s design – they are fun, reminiscent of mainstream Anime characters enough to make them available to a large demographic, and it could have been set in an alternate Earth (Elseworlds).

Casting Batman and Robin as a science ninja gatchamans is just a wonderfully brilliant idea. Also recasting the Joker and Harley as a J-pop idol is sort of interesting. It would totally reverse their roles in the publics eyes. Batman would be seen as a hero by the government and the Joker would be incredibly loved (feared) by the public like the murderous cannibal turned food critic, Issei Sagawa.  And having the man of steel be a giant Mazinger-Z mecha with as a powerless Clark Kent as a nutty professor (WOOT!) is so much fun I can not even explain it. I said I was going to at least try my hand at Batman and Superman but I want to make them all for Freedom Force now.

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  1. you alive mate, haven’t seen you on in a while. hope everything’s ok

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