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Lost Season 5 Finale : Spoilers

One of my favorite characters died…

Dr Juliet Burke was the causality (sort of) on tonight’s finale.


Juliet is dead, ya'll!

Juliet is dead (hurt real bad), ya'll!

Also Locke is not Locke. Locke was dead the whole time! It is this other dude from like ages ago who wanted to kill Jacob. WTF? BTW I love that the Incident  is going to bring them all back to the future.

2 Responses

  1. I wouldn’t count out Juliet yet. She was still alive when the bomb went off, and honestly who knows what that bomb did. Maybe time WILL be reset to some extent.

    But Not Locke blew my mind. That’s like my favorite twist ever.

  2. I gave up on lost about 3 series ago. i don’t mind a mystery but the writers really just seemed to be pulling plot ideas outta they’re arse

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