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New X-Men Skins for Freedom Force

So if you’ve been to Freedom Force Resource lately, you know Spectre Lad revealed that I was Emperous. So here is the back story –

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

Back in Nov ’08 I decided I’d try some experimenting with styles and just wanted some non-AfghanAnt feedback, so I began to skin the New X-Men design by Frank Quietly and set up a new account on Freedom Reborn. I had intended to never reveal that I was Emperous to anyone save the few people who I asked for personal advice on the skins. I was just going to release and ignore that I ever did them but I’ve changed my mind about a lot of stuff lately and thought I would reveal myself. I guess thanks to Spectre Lad for poking me to finish up Beast and release them under my avatar.

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  1. You sneaky fucker! :p While I am really not a fan of Quietly’s work I will say that I really liked the overall design of the X-Men’s uniforms during this run. The black and gold…all leather…no costumes…no masks. Emma’s uniform was the really the one I didn’t like…I wasn’t very impressed with the “skin” X and shorts. That’s just me. Now your skins certainly capture the Quietly look and now that I look at the skins it looks like your work. Funny how perception works…put a different name on it and change it slightly and all of a sudden it’s not your work. Hey is Cyke’s visor “skinned” on or is it a piece. And are Xorn’s eye’s gonna glow? Looks like there are some electrical bolts eminating from his eye’s?

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