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Youngblood # 9 – Obama gets the Liefeld Treatment

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In Youngblood #9, Rob Liefeld tries to capitalize on the success’s of the United State’s current president, Barack Obama. There are no explanation why Liefeld thought it was a good idea to cast one of the smartest American presidents as a badass action star but he did. While I  have not read the comic yet, the previews reeks of blaxploitation and disrespect to Black Americans everywhere. While I disagree with capitalizing on this historical event, I will at least give Marvel and DC credit for either elevating him to “Superman” status or grounding him firmly in their reality. Liefeld has simply cast Obama in the role of “black badass”. “Barry” (hopefully) never sold drugs out of his house or held a glock to someone’s mouth. You know what makes this even more insulting? Rob Liefeld probably thinks what he has done is “cool” and kids will love it. Why am I even surprised? This is a guy who draws guns on guns for Christ sake! I’m just waiting for Obama to reveal his tatts and numerous pouches before being completely covered in blood.

Whatever Liefeld’s intentions, I find this representation of a positive Black role model degrading and sort of racist. The only thing that would be worse is if Liefeld later reveals Obama was in fact Osama in disguise (If you happen to read this and get “inspired”, Robbie, you better have my money waiting for me). 

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The one compliment I will give Liefeld is he finally learned how to draw feet. I’m just waiting on shoes now.

6 Responses

  1. what in the hell, how big is that bodyguard, I know my art sucks but even i can show scale

  2. When has a guy ever fallen down dead, perfectly square, with his arms perfectly to the side, in real life? And why is he a giant?

  3. I have one word for this treatment:


  4. Ok, you should in fact read an issue before reviewing it. In no way is Obama made to look like a badass. In fact, he is actually running kind of scared happens to pick up a gun but clearly isnt comforable with it, and scurries to hide in his office. The bodyguard is way to big haha but geez guys Im not Rob’s biggest fan but you guys couldnt seem more ignorant just complaining because its a chance to hate on the guy.

    • First thing, this isn’t a review.

      Second, I would never waste my money or time on an issue of Youngblood nor would I subject my brain to gross anatomy of Rob Liefeld drawn people for 25 pages.

      Third, this is my blog and I can say whatever the fuck I want. Liefeld is only using Obama to sell comics. That shit is offensive especially when you pair the cashing in attitude with images like THIS

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