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Adventure Comics 1 – Superboy and the Legion

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Looks like the Half-Superman, half- Lex Luthor boy of steel will be starring in Adventure Comics #1/504 in August. This is great news for Superboy-fans everywhere because this not only confirms Conner will survive Final Crisis: Legion of Three Worlds # 5 but he will also be returning to modern day DCU.

One can only wonder how his former teammates and friends, the Teen Titans, will react to this rebirth. How will Wondergirl react to Conner’s return? Will Robin tell his best friend how he got with his girl? Is there a future for Superboy and Batgirl? You just have to wait and see like the rest of us.

Another thing to add Adventure Comics will also feature the surviving Legion of Superheroes from FC: Legion of Three Worlds. The first Legionnaire to be featured is crazy ass, Thom Kallor, Starman, as the cover of Adventure Comics #1 show.

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Even though Conner is sharing a title with the Legion, it sure is good to have him back in Smallville with Ma Kent and Krypto.

3 Responses

  1. the art in that splash is bloody beautiful

  2. I am speechless, finaly Superboy & the Legion get the book they deserve 😉

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